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Practising proper hand hygiene not only protects you, but also those around you. In a time where cleanliness and hygiene are more important than ever, using hand sanitiser is a great way to prevent the spread of potentially harmful pathogens. As a leading provider of automatic hand sanitiser dispensers in Australia, adding this quick and easy hygiene tool into your home or workplace has never been easier.

The best mini hand sanitiser in Australia

At Handy Sanitiser, we offer a diverse selection of hand sanitiser dispensers designed to provide a permanent and customisable hand hygiene solution. Available as a stand-alone unit or capable of being turned into an easy-to-use floor unit, our mini automatic hand sanitiser dispensers offer a touch-free cleaning solution for a wide variety of high traffic locations.

Where to use our mini hand sanitiser dispensers

Entrances to work offices and public spaces — Great for putting at the front doors of a workplace or business, our easy-to-use mini hand sanitisers are both functional and stylish.

Personal desks and tables — Able to be used as a personal hand hygiene station, using our mini hand sanitiser dispensers as a counter unit is an excellent way to keep any space clean.

Wall-mounted in any location — The size of the H-Mini makes it the perfect choice for a wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser. Great for attaching to the wall of a bathroom, kitchen or other high traffic areas, the small size of our mini hand sanitiser dispensers allows them to blend into any room seamlessly.

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