We want to put safety in your hands

Let’s face it.

Times have changed, and now more than ever we need to find ways to adapt to our changing environment. Handy Sanitiser by KUBE, we recognise that we also have an important role to play in keeping your customers, your staff and your community safe. Not just now, but in the future.

We are proud that we can contribute through the launch of the Handy Sanitiser. A versatile hand sanitisation station that can be customised to your environment. Low in foot print, easy to maintain, and a permanent solution to help you prioritise the health and safety of your stores.

Handy Sanitiser is by KUBE a design consultancy, owned and operated from Melbourne Australia.
Specialising in product design, retail design, point of sale displays, pop-up shops, interactive kiosks, graphics, brand identity and event display design. We cover all areas of design and work with many world class brands.