Questions you might have...

What size is the Handy Sanitiser?

The Handy Sanitiser Counter is 400mm H x 190mm W x 130mm D. The Handy Sanitiser Floor Stand is 1355mm H x 350mm W x 350mm D (total footprint)

How do I refill it?

Anyone can refill the Handy Sanitiser, it’s simple, easy and mess free. You just need to unlock and open the door at an angle, uncap the bottle lid and then refill.

We highly recommend using the Sanitiser product available on our website, as this has been the most tested product with the unit, other sanitisers may cause build up of product or dispense at different levels due to the viscosity levels in the product.

Do you provide the sanitiser solution or do I use my own sanitiser solution?

We can provide WHO approved liquid and gel hand sanitiser. We highly recommend using this product with the Handy Sanitiser unit as it performs at its absolute best. Other sanitiser products may have different levels of viscosity which can affect the way the sanitiser is dispensed, cause product build up and effect the long term use of the unit.

As the compartment is refillable you can use other hand sanitisers however you will need to be specific at time of order on which type of nozzle you require. (Spray, Gel or Foam)

If you use a gel sanitiser please note that the ideal viscosity level to work with our gel nozzle is 5000cPs - You may need to contact your sanitiser manufacturer to find out this information..

Tell me about the batteries?

The batteries compatible with the Handy Sanitiser are 4 x standard C size. Approximately 30,000 shots per battery loadout to help minimise the amount of workload for your team.

Just like refilling they are super easy to change. Just unlock the door and pull the door down to a 90 degree angle, remove the battery cover and replace depleted batteries, replace battery cover and close the door. Now you’re ready to power up! Instructions on battery changes located here.

Note: Batteries not included

Can I use power and can I change to power if I purchased the battery option?

Yes, you can with DC power. The unit has been designed to have a provision in the back to allow you to change to power later, however you will need to order the DC power pack separately at this time. If you would like to start with power, please contact us.

How do I change the graphic?

All Handy Sanitisers come with a removable interchangeable magnetic graphic. You just have to locate the underside access hole, peel back the graphic and remove/replace as desired. We have created a downloadable template so you can create your own artwork and print or you can contact us for customised artwork created for your brand.

How long does it take to manufacture and how long for delivery?

Please check products for the latest shipping date - if you require large quantities of the unit please contact us for tailored lead-times depending on your needs.

How do I install my Handy Sanitiser?

It is currently designed to be wall mounted, placed on counter or on the floor stand.

1. Counter or Flat Surface

All you have to do is load up your Handy Sanitiser with solution and batteries and it is ready to go to be placed on counter

2. Wall mount

The back of the unit has 4 keyhole slots (12mm) that allow the unit to slot over screws that would be mounted into the wall. For a more secure option there are additional locking holes for additional two screws. The wall type will determine whether you need screws, wall plugs or wall anchors.

3. Floor Stand

The floor stand is an extension to the counter/wall unit which comes in two parts with 6 screws. It can be purchased together or added later.

Full instruction pack located here for all methods and is included inside box when purchased.

Is it available in different colours?

Currently our stock item is in white powder coat with a grey tray. Contact us here if you would like to customise the colour please contact us here.

Can I remove the stand extension or add it on later?

Yes you can! Handy Sanitiser has been designed to adapt to the extension at time of purchase or later if you change your mind. If you have ordered and would like to add the floor extension please contact us

What is the warranty on your product?

We warrant the Product is: (a) fit for purpose; (b) of acceptable quality; (c) free of any encumbrances; and (d) fits the description set out on the Website or as otherwise described by us.

We have a 12 month warranty from the time of delivery on Handy Sanitiser counter and floor stand products.

Warranty does not cover any misuse, general wear and tear or if the product has not been cared for in accordance to installation and care instructions provided with the product. The product is also intended for indoor use ONLY.

In order to make a claim on warranty customers will need to contact us to communicate information on the product, along with proof of purchase and photographs.

Do you have a sample, I can try and test?

Yes, our office is located in Surrey Hills Melbourne. If you would like to view, test or discuss the Handy Sanitiser, contact us to make an appointment.

I have a large order quantity, can I get a customised quote?

Yes, of course. We have the ability to make very large order quantities, contact us to with the details of your order and we can provide a customised quote and lead time.

Where is the Handy Sanitiser made?

The Handy Sanitiser was designed in Melbourne by KUBE, an Australian Company operating in product and manufacturing for 20 years.

The unit is made in China and the solution is manufactured in Melbourne.

If you would prefer a locally made option please contact us for pricing. Text

How long does it take to manufacture and deliver?

Please check products for the latest shipping date - if you require large quantities of the unit please contact us for tailored lead-times depending on your needs.

Do you Ship Overseas?

Yes, we can ship overseas. Please contact us to receive a customised delivery quote and lead-time for delivery.

What is the unit made from and how do I care for my unit?

The external unit is made from Durable Fabricated Steel and the internal compartment is from a combination of LDPE, Polyethenlene and ABS plastic.

To care for your unit

  • It is highly recommended that you use the sanitiser liquid/gel on our website as this product has been tried and tested and performs best with our unit.other sanitisers may cause build up of product or dispense at different levels due to the viscosity levels in the product.

  • Turn power off prior to cleaning to avoid unnecessary dispensing. Please also avoid turning power off while the unit is dispensing.

  • Avoid build up of alcohol sanitiser or cleaners under the tray – you can clean this area by simply removing the tray and cleaning with warm soapy water. Please dry off any liquid after. We recommended cleaning this area of your unit every day.

  • The external of the unit can be cleaned by a soft cloth, avoid any abrasive materials as it will scratch and dull the surface.

  • Do not use solvents or harsh cleaners, We recommend warm soapy water and then drying with a soft cloth.

  • Keep metal dry to prevent tarnishing which can dull or corrode the surface.

  • To avoid spillages, ensure the cap of the internal bottle is shut tight. Always transport upright and for longer distances completely empty.

Can I place my unit outdoors?

The Handy Sanitiser was intended for Indoor use only.

If you would like to discuss outdoor solutions, please contact us here.