Easy Refill Pouch 1000ml
Easy Refill Pouch 1000ml
Easy Refill Pouch 1000ml
Easy Refill Pouch 1000ml

Easy Refill Pouch 1000ml

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Quality Australian Made Hand Sanitiser, lightly scented for your pleasure: Mint Fresh.

Available in both Liquid/Spray and Gel.

Easy Refill Pouches make refilling your dispenser a breeze. Don't worry about pouring from one container to another, simply remove the nozzle from your old pouch and click it into your new pouch.

1000ml Refill Pouch compatible with Handy Sanitiser.

An Anti Bacterial Sanitiser that kills germs without the need for water. A highly concentrated sanitiser agent for hands and various surfaces that need disinfecting.

- 70% V/V Ethyl Alcohol
- Glycerol

MSDS available on request.

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Quality Australian Made Hand Sanitiser

Contains 70% Alcohol

Kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria

Moisturisers and Protects

Select from a range of quality hand sanitiser products that are specially formulated for use in your Handy Sanitiser.

Easy refill pouches

Our easy refill pouches make light work of keeping your Handy Sanitiser full at home or work. They are easy to use and less packaging equals less landfill. Each 1000ml pouch contains ~1000 shots. With limited access to water in certain environments this is an easy economical and green solution.