Meet H-go.
Handy sanitiser
for on the go.

All natural

Fill H-go up with the good stuff.
Australian made hand sanitiser, that’s
lightly scented or unscented to suit
your vibe. Natural, hydrating and
hardworking. Your hands will love me.


H-go is with you for the long-haul.
When your all out of sanitiser simply
unscrew H-go’s cap and refill with
your 200ml refill pouch. Keeping you on the move for longer. Handy.

Kills germs

An anti-bacterial sanitiser that kills
germs without the need for water.
A highly-concentrated formulation
for hands that need disinfecting.

How it works:

Step 1

Choose your bottle, it comes in five eye-popping colours.

Step 2

Choose your scent, fill your bottle and your ready to go.

Step 3

Take me everywhere, put me in your bag or hang me off anything.

Made with the good stuff

Ethyl alcohol

Kills 99.9% of
most common germs.


Perfectly hydrating
for soft hands.

Essential oils

Nourishes and
purifies skin.

For work and home

The ultimate touch free hand sanitising display

A versatile hand sanitisation station that can be customised to retail, work or home environment.

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