Handy Sanitiser

The ultimate touch free
hand sanitising station


Refillable sanitiser your
hands will love.


No touch,
good feels.

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A versatile hand sanitisation station that can be customised to your retail, work or home environment. Small footprint, easy to maintain, and a permanent solution to help you prioritise the health and safety of those around you.

Safety first

Protect your staff, customers
and guests

Hands free

Touch free sanitising solution
at your fingertips


Make it your own with a company
logo and custom message

Meet H-go

Your new daily essential that will keep your hands healthy. Keep the environment happy. And turn some heads.

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Go your own way

Customise with your brand colours, imagery and tone of voice. Replaceable front and back panels and colour options available. Handy Sanitiser can live harmoniously within your environment.


Make hygiene a priority

A Touch free, easy to navigate and maintain way of protecting your staff, customers and guests.


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What people are saying

We have these in our dealership and they are fantastic. Love the mint sanitiser. It's smells great and the liquid doesn't leave a sticky residue like most others do.

John Cole Toyota
Atherton, QLD

Thank you soo much @handysanitiser we love your products! Our personalised Handy floor and Handy counter look absolutely beautiful! And super easy to use!

Coastal Lifts
Sydney, NSW

We love our new automatic hand sanitiser units! @handysanitiser

Fluid Motion Osteopathy
Ballina, NSW

We have had soooo many compliments on our Handy Sanitiser stations since they arrived a few months ago. Looking good @handysanitiser.

Be Well Health Group
Grovedale, VIC

Brilliant automatic hand sanitiser by @handysanitiser

Laurieton Podiatry
Laurieton, NSW

Loving our new sanitiser station from @handysanitiser

Evoque Brow Bar
Umina Beach, NSW

In today’s day and age, it’s more important than ever that we take hygiene seriously. Now, customers have come to expect hand sanitisation options when they enter a business. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for something boring that people are hesitant to touch. 

Our mission at Handy Sanitiser is to provide Australian businesses with a reliable, attractive hand sanitiser station that doesn’t seem out of place in the lobby of a five-star hotel or a premium clothes store. Our automatic hand sanitiser stations are completely hands-free, meaning your customers and staff can interact with them without ever having to touch the actual unit. They’ve also been designed purposefully to allow for customisation, so you can print your business logo on the front and even add a message for your customers. 

Seamless, touch-free hand sanitiser dispensers
A lot has changed in the past few years. Our range of hand sanitiser stations has been designed to reflect the needs of businesses and customers in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our wall-mounted and freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers combine the best of form and function and will fit right in with your business’s decor. 

On-the-go hand sanitiser spray
At Handy Sanitiser, we don’t just make good-looking hand sanitisation options for businesses. We also have a range of misting sanitiser dispensers you can take with you on the go. These convenient personal hand sanitiser dispensers are the perfect size to take with you whenever you head out. They come pre-filled with a lemon-mint scented hand sanitiser that smells great and kills germs. Now that’s Handy.

Buy automatic hand sanitiser dispensers in Australia today
If you’re looking for a touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser for your business, then you’re in the right place. Thanks to our partnership with Saba Organics, you can also opt to purchase premium hand sanitiser when you buy your Handy Sanitiser dispenser. And whenever you need to fill it back up, you can simply order hand sanitiser refills through our website. If you have questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.


How do I select the right hand sanitiser stations?
If you’re looking to buy a hand sanitiser dispenser for your workplace, then you want to invest in one that is freestanding or attaches to a wall and offers hands-free operation. Having a freestanding hand sanitiser station means that you are able to place it wherever it’s needed — whether that’s at the front door as people walk in, besides the reception desk or anywhere else that’s convenient. And having an automatic hand sanitiser station that is hands-free means that people don’t have to touch the physical unit in order to sanitise their hands. 

Where should you place the hand sanitiser station?
Where you place your hand sanitiser stations will depend on the size of your workplace and the type of work that goes on there. However, there are some strategic areas where you can place hand sanitiser units no matter what kind of business you’re in. Here are some areas you could consider putting a hand sanitiser station:

At the front door, customers can sanitise as soon as they walk in and leave.
Beside the reception desk, so that they can sanitise before they touch the desk or pick up a pen.
Outside the bathrooms, in case people want to sanitise their hands again after touching the door handle. 
Near the lifts, so people can sanitise after they’ve had to press the lift buttons.
At the cash register, so people can sanitise after handling money.

What is the proper way to sanitise your hands?
Having a hand sanitiser station available and in clear sight is one way to help remind employees and visitors always to practice safe hygiene. The best way to sanitise your hands is to apply the sanitiser to one hand and then rub your hands together to disperse the sanitiser over your hands and fingers evenly. You should do this until your hands feel dry. This should take about 20 seconds or so.