Our story

Tasked by a leading Australian retailer, Melbourne-based design studio Kube Creative set out to design a premium hand sanitiser display. Two years later with over 20,000 units in service across every industry in Australia, it’s safe to say Handy Sanitiser has been a wild success.

Australian businesses told us they wanted a better option. They wanted a good looking sanitiser display and they wanted quality Australian-made sanitiser. Unlike most other units in the marketplace, Handy Sanitiser is made from durable powder coated metal. It has a modern vibe to it, designed to look the part as it sits in the lobby of Accor hotels and Virgin lounges. The display utilises touchless technology and can dispense 30,000 shots before needing to replace the batteries. We partnered early with Australian hand sanitiser manufacturers like Saba Organics and Hunter Lab in order to deliver quality sanitising experiences to customers.

We designed the face of the Handy Sanitiser to be a custom printed forme cut magnet, roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper. Companies send us their logo and we design a custom graphic just for them. Now we’re seeing quite a lot of businesses adding their contact tracing QR codes to their customised graphics so they can have a neat, compliant offering at their front door and remove the scrappy pieces of paper taped up everywhere.

Two years on its clearer than ever - enhanced hygiene is here to stay. Customers now expect quality touchless sanitiser when they walk into a space, so it’s time we do it right. It’s as important as ever that we take hygiene seriously and ramp up our efforts as a nation to keep our hands clean.