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4 products

Maintaining good hand hygiene is more important than ever. Not only is it necessary, but it’s become an expectation. We each have a responsibility to keep our community safe and germ-free, and to do our best to protect others. One way we can achieve this is through the use of touchless hand sanitiser dispensers. 

Floor-standing and wall-mounted automatic hand sanitiser dispensers

Handy Sanitiser’s mission was to create a good-looking, automatic hand sanitiser dispenser that businesses could easily install for the benefit of customers and staff members alike. Our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are sleek, unobtrusive and completely hands-free, so they not only offer a stylish look but are totally hygienic, too. The added benefit is that you can also choose to add your logo to the front of the hand sanitiser or a personalised message for your customers. 

The benefits of our floor-standing and wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers

1. Easy to use — Our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are convenient and easy to use. All your customers and visitors have to do is place their hands under the automatic dispenser.

2. Long battery life — Each automatic hand sanitiser dispenser has a battery life equivalent to about 30,000 shots of sanitiser.

3. Stops the spread of germs — Without the need to physically touch the dispenser, our floor-standing and wall hand sanitiser dispensers are as hygienic as it can be.

4. Always deliver the right amount — Each dose is regulated, meaning that everyone will receive the exact quantity of hand sanitiser they need to use each time — not too little and not too much.

Buy floor-standing and wall-mount hand sanitisers in Australia

Purchase an automatic floor-standing or wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser made in Australia from Handy Sanitiser today. With their seamless design, customisable front and long battery life, our touchless hand sanitiser dispensers are a smart investment and a great way to keep customers and staff members safe from germs. Shop online for automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and accessories today and enjoy convenient and easy shipping.

Looking for something a little different? Make sure you also check out our Handy Sanitiser collaboration collection for some fresh, eye-catching designs and unique sanitiser options. 

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